The Omni Group - Actuarial Recruiters for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry


For most actuaries, there comes a point in their career where it may be time to explore other opportunities. Taking on new challenges, diversifying experience, increasing salary, better advancement potential, or perhaps a desire to relocate are among the reasons they may consider such a move. If you may be nearing this point, please contact us. With our experience and contacts, we know you'll be impressed with our professionalism and results.

Please take a moment to review the protocol we'll follow in working with you:

  1. We place the highest premium on maintaining your confidentiality.
  2. You will always be contacted prior to your resume being forwarded to any employers.
  3. We will discuss your career goals and motivations for change in detail to facilitate our efforts on your behalf.
  4. We will provide you with detailed client information including: position descriptions, reporting structure, study program policies and salary ranges.
  5. We believe quality representation is achieved through identifying appropriate opportunities that can help you reach both your short and long term goals and moving forward only with those.
  6. Coordinating candidates with opportunities is done by experienced consultants on an individual basis. This process results in interviews for over 90% of the resumes we send out. This success is unmatched in our industry.
  7. We guarantee timely and specific feedback regarding resumes sent and interviews conducted.
  8. We can also provide tips on resume formatting and interview presentation when requested.
  9. If desired, we can contact you exclusively at home.

For details on opportunities currently available:

Feel free to call us anytime at: (630) 455-3003
Please e-mail your inquiries to The Omni Group at:

We look forward to working with you!